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Make deals, not slides.

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Greatest Hits

  • “Elizabeth is one of those rare breeds of people who you wish did more than she did, so you could hire her for more than you do. She’s, hands down, the best presentation designer I’ve ever worked with in my life, and I’ve worked with a ton. She’s gifted, can read minds, and most importantly, has an uncanny ability to simply “get” what I need, usually before I know what I need. I truly love working with her on any project.”

    —Peter Shankman
    Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and corporate speaker

Own the room.

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Stage Manager of Ideas

You don’t show up with your hair uncombed or your fly unzipped. Why would you show up to a meeting without a polished, tailored deck? Ask me how.


Presentations are how you communicate with your most valuable stakeholders. I make them reliable and consistent company-wide.


A presentation’s bones lie deep beneath the pretty pictures. Ensure your voice, positioning, and structure are on point.


Late nights, tech rehearsals, last-minute changes – God, I love speaker support. It’s the litmus test for presentation pros. Let’s make your next event the best one yet.

  • “Elizabeth has the perfect skill set: an amazing eye for design, the communication skills to understand what we want (not just what we are babbling about) and the confidence to let her work push us to do better work. I once looked at design as an expense. Now I look at it as a revenue generator.”

    —Mike Wolpert
    Founder, Social Jumpstart

UGH. I hate PowerPoint.

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