Elizabeth Fullerton creates presentations that matter.

Alameda, CA



When was the last time you were really excited about your corporate slide deck? Probably never, and that’s because Boldfaced Inc. didn’t bring your corporate story to life through a dynamic and innovative presentation.

Boldfaced president and senior designer Elizabeth Fullerton created the company to provide all companies access to amazing slide decks that tell the stories of their business.

Their roster of clients is impressive: GE, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Sephora, KPCB, and the list continues across a spectrum of companies throughout the world. The fact is that you probably interact with at least one Boldfaced client every day. (And those are just the ones they can talk about!)

Elizabeth draws upon her experience in corporate America and on Wall Street mixed with a designers eye and a marketers passion for strategy to create presentations that beg for attention and results.

“Elizabeth is one of those rare breeds of people who you wish did more than she did, so you could hire her for more than you do. She’s, hands down, the best presentation designer I’ve ever worked with in my life, and I’ve worked with a ton. She’s gifted, can read minds, and most importantly, has an uncanny ability to simply get what I need, usually before I know what I need. I truly love working with her on any project.” —Peter Shankman, Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and corporate speaker.

When you look at the work from Boldfaced, you won’t be able to imagine walking out on the stage without their vision on the screen behind you telling your story.

Own the room! The first step is to email Elizabeth today and start the conversation.